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    Pest control Westchester County was established with a mission to provide effective and efficient pest control, within a reasonable price. The major aim is to improve your quality of life at home; or your commercial establishment without being a burden on your budget. We also have the same philosophy for our employees and the environment.

    Your life, its quality, peace and health can be hugely affected by pests; that may include rodents, bed-bugs, ants, bugs, roaches, flies, fleas and a wide variety of insects. They also add stress to your work and life as well. They can be a nuisance and disturbing element in your commercial establishment. Pests can hugely impact productivity in a negative way. We at Pest control Westchester County understand all this and have a dedicated team of experts to help you get rid of all this trouble.

    Our experts are highly trained and certified to undertake pest control. They also are always training themselves and educating themselves about the latest techniques and processes in pest control. We use the best and latest process for controlling pests in your establishment.

    The chemicals and processes that our experts use to cleanse your house and prevent further infection are the best ones available in the market. They are also certified and approved by the regulatory authorities. The extermination processes used by our experts are safe for your family and pets also. They are also safe for the environment. We are proud to be one of the most environment friendly pest control companies in United States.

    The experts work on pest control in a very meticulous way. They first visit the site and do a thorough check up for the kind of pest that might have infested the establishment. Your views and observations are also important and taken into account. In case of commercial establishments employees are also interviewed to assess the situation. The next step involves detailed planning of the work. As each pest needs a different treatment, the plans are laid down with every detail taken into account. Each phase is supervised by Pest control Westchester County experts in particular fields. After that the team sets up preventive measures for the establishment. The team before leaving hands you over with a certificate of pest control and a detailed report of all the work done by them. We stand by you and provide you with two complimentary house checks to see the status. You will be surprised at the competitive price we offer to all this.

    Pest control Westchester County is proud to boast of client retention of more than 90%. They have been the strongest force behind our overwhelming growth. Generous feedbacks and referrals have helped us keep growing. We undertake pest control for residential apartments, ranging from studio to condos and even villas and castles. We also offer services to apartment blocks and building, offices, ware houses and every possible kind of establishments.

    Our dedicated team of experts are always more than happy to help, so to know more about our services and techniques of pest control please feel free to call our helpline numbers or email us. Our website also has some easy tips to keep your house free from pests. We also offer free health check-up for your establishments.

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