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    If you feel black ants crawling over your leg every day or you hear crickets shrilling voice each time you go to bed at night. Or you feel awful looking at the bed bugs hiding in your valuables - Exterminator Westchester County are there for you. We are a team of professionals, fully trained with pest control management.

    We prefer to provide our customers with information about pests like ants to know what kind of diseases they may face and how they can overcome that. All ants live in colonies, including a queen, and female workers with males which lived a short time. They often enter through cracks, windows and doors. Ants are crawling in your kitchen and home searching for water and foods.

    We all are waiting for you and we are just at a one call distance from you.

    The problem is if they inside the home they grow quickly and laying on the new nets waiting the other members to come which comes a big headache. They feed by vegetables, greases and sugar. Also they like the sweetest pieces as may eat on the spot and keep some back to their colony to have the protein in the next day. Our ants exterminator Westchester County can reach to ants inside its nets and destroy them. Ants prefer to be hiding and these workers don't like to be seen; only a few of them are spread to search for a food to back in their colonies.

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