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    Our experts at Bed bugs exterminator Westchester County use the latest and best technologies available. They also use the most effective and latest chemicals also. But chemicals and technologies are certified and approved by authorities. Our experts are also certified and rigorously trained. They have years of experience in pest control, and are some of the most respected names in the field.

    In addition to the other shapes like the sugar ant, white footed ant, little black, grease ant, odorous house ant, fungus , pavement ant, thief ant, acrobat ant, pavement, citronella ant, Argentine ant, leaf cutting, larger yellow, red imported, honey ant, odorous house, false honey and Pharaoh. Velvet ants, these ants pry bee and wasp nest. Their females have a lot of hair, colored, and large (up to 1/2 inch), successfully make good colonies and the sting from one of these wasps is more painful than any other ant's types. Carpet ants are about 5/8" long make burrows in wood and can damage wood and make nests in tree stumps of large tree, they do wood piles. They usually found in the high moisture degree.

    We can help you take back your home or business from the pests that have invaded it. Don't waste any more time or money; contact Extermination Westchester County immediately to speak with our professional staff. Every minute that goes by gives termites and other pests time to damage your property and lower its value. It should not be the case that termites control Westchester County, so do not let your home or office fall victim to destructive pests.

    Sometime these tiny pests can make your life so miserable that you finally end up leaving your home. Small mice make holes in walls, roofs and make safe heavenly home in your "once-heaven" home. Your child goes to bed at night and eventually stay awake all night listening to the buzzing voice of pests. Even worse can be their bite. A strong allergic reaction accompanied with itching can start in case pests like bed bugs bite you.

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